avantgarde, freejazz, soul?

Vogel seems to be the kind of person who can bring the creativity and hipness of big cities to an alpine valley without loosing quality but to create high tension within these poles! Not any second of bordom or nonsense on his Vogelperspektive Vol. 1 and one can´t wait for the follow ups! File under Postjazz, Postrock, Alpine-Avantgarde or Doom 3000 – this is a must for open ears! (Tom Asam, Titel Magazin)

release: 25. November 2011
Label: Boomslang Records LC 09496 www.traps.at
distribution: Amazon + als Download (physischer Vertrieb tbc)
Barcode: 9120011930309

SÜDDEUTSCHE Zeitung 7. und 8. 01. 2012 – Karl Bruckmaier Elements of jazz are meanwhile an integrated part of electronic music, rock, hip hop or whatever, and by no means merely a saxophone solo now and then, which usually used to stand for jazz. It is the self determination, the knowledge to be able to select different routes. An excellent example is perhaps the just now obtained universitality of the earlier named jazz music of the compilation „Vogel Perspective Vol. 1“ (Boomslang Rec.) by the percussionist Alfred Vogel from Vorarlberg. In times of data exchange via Internet and inexpesnive flights, a location like Bezau is not necessarily a synonym for provinciality, but may temporarily turn into an entire music cosmos when stars from overseas and local friends create a stilistically varied music as Vogel intends to release on five in this compilation and anxiously awaited albums. Terra incognita around the corner.

the VOGELPERSPEKTIVE Vol 1. is a compilation of several musical projects of austrian drummer Alfred Vogel such as the band the MAGNIFICANT SEVEN, INTENSIVSTATION, LE NOIR, HELLHOUND & BIRD, a Duo with Billy Martin, a.m.o. Renowned music journalist Wolf Kampmann quotes, that avantgard music is not often to be heard in such a relaxed and soulful way. All the projects will be featured and focused on the follow up albums to come, such as VOGELPERSPEKTIVE Vol 2 to 5 in 2012 starting with the band the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (feat. Kalle Kalima guitar, Christian Lillinger drums, Alfred Vogel drums, Flo Götte, bass). Those cowboys take an amazing improvisational approach on western movies such as ´once upon a time in the west, bonanza, a fistful of dollars´ a.m.o with the wide accoustic landscape that only 2 (!) drummers can create. Vol 3. will represent a mutant of the big names of blues history such as Skip James, Robert Johnson, Billie Holiday and others. The free experimental blues of LE NOIR is dark, hip, loud and sensitive all at once with a growling and electric modulated violine (Simon Frick), low end (Lucas Dietrich) and a 1953 bashing Gretsch drum kit. INTENSIVSTATION is a crazy trio formed around multi instrumentalist John Schröder, the free jazz pope of Berlin, who plays guitar, fender rhodes and drums simultanously. Together with swiss Wolfgang Zwiauer and Alfred Vogel the three men sound like a quartett, sometimes like a quintett, always on an adventurous surgery for new sounds. the duos with Billy Martin (MMW), hellhound & bird (with David Helbock on keys) or the trio with Andreas Schreiber and Angelika Hagen, both violine, announce Vol. 5 (SOLO, DUO, TRIO) to come later on 2012 and promise another acoustic trip besides mainstream jazz music.
2012 releases:
Vol. 2 – the Magnificent Seven feat. Kalle Kalima, guit, Christian Lillinger,drums; Flo Götte, bass; AV, drums,
Vol. 3 – le Noir feat. Lucas Dietrich, bass; Simon Frick, Violine & electronics; AV, drums
Vol. 4 – Intensivstation (Intensive Care Unit) feat. John Schröder, fender rhodes, guit, drums; Wolfgang Zwiauer, bass; AV, drums;
Vol. 5 – Solo, Duo, Trio feat. Billy Martin, Kevin Shae, Andreas Schreiber, a.m.o.